[Tip] How to change gmail notification sound on android

Posted February 15, 2012 by Erum Shakil in How To

Having and Android phone or tablet or any android device lets the android user to personalize their favorite device as per their preference and needs.

This guide will cover how to change gmail notification sound on android, the steps are for Gmail on android for Gingerbread however the process will be similar if not the same for Gmail on android for ICS.

So let’s make your beloved android device showcase your persona. First we need to get some custom ringtones, say “Hanging Out” by Cheap Trick, or a clip where Homer Simpson is saying “Hello”, so how do we get our custom ringtones? Well there are many ways to get them for instance you can simply type in on the android market search box Home Simpson Ringtone and multiple apps will show up which will have audio clips and ringtones related to your search. These sounds and ringtones apps have options to save the audio clip and sometimes also offers the user to directly set the selected sound clip as a ringtone or notification sound, another way is to download the audio clip or ringtone on your computer and transfer it manually on your android device.

 In order to change sounds and notification settings of any application manually:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to menu > settings (find notification settings) > change the notification sound

Now some apps will have the notification settings rooted inside of different options, it all depends on which app you are dealing with. Back to the topic, let’s list down the steps to change gmail notification sound on android, here’s what to do:

  1. Open Gmail app
  2. Go to Menu>More>Settings
  3. Click on my account I want to change the notification for, scroll down to “Labels to notify”, click “Inbox” and the menu to change notification for your Gmail inbox will open up
  4. Simply click ringtone, browse your phone and select the sound clip you want to set for Gmail notification
That’s it! You’d now have a custom notification sound on your Gmail account on android.

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